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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Garrett GT25R - GT2560R - 60 TRIM - 330 HP

This is the Garrett GT2560R also called GT28R sometimes. This is the biggest turbocharger of the GT25 family of turbos. Like the smaller GT2554R turbocharger this one is also a ball bearing turbo.
The Garrett GT2560R turbocharger is also found on some engines from stock like the Nissan SR20DET engine, that's in the newer Nissan 200sx S14 Silvia models or 240sx. 

The Garrett GT2560R turbocharger is also a popular choise for people who are looking for an turbo upgrade. Also there are many aftermarket turbocharger kits that have this turbo. This turbocharger can give you up to 330 HP and works well if you are looking for 200 HP. The engine size recommended for this turbo is between 1600cc to 2500cc.

New Part Number: 836023-5004S 
New CHRA: 835995-0003

Plsease note Garrett have changed the part numbers for the GT2560R Turbocharger. The turbocharger is still exactly the same and only the part numbers have changed.

OLD Model Part Numbers: 466541-1 and 466541- 4
OLD CHRA: 446179-12

Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing
Cooling: Oil & Water
Inducer: 46.5 mm
Exducer: 60.1 mm
Trim: 60
A/R 0.60

T25 Flange
Wheel: 53.0 mm
Trim: 62
A/R: 0.64
OEM Turbo for Nissan SR20DET engine

Garrett have two GT2560R turbochargers, the more common that have the 466541 - 1 number and then the other turbocharger with the 466541- 4 number. The 466541-4 GT2560R turbocharger is the same as the other but is made for more extreme applications.

The GT2560R 466541-4 turbocharger have it's turbine housing cast from high-nickel "Ni-Resist" material. And the turbine wheel is cast from "Inconel" material. This means that the 466541-4 turbocharger can take more extreme heat and abuse, than the more common 466541-1 GT2560R turbo.

Click on the images to get bigger size.

Oil inlet 0.4375IN - 24 Thread for 6.35 TubeInverted flare connectionPER SEA J512 Oil inlet

Oil outlet 2 x M8x1.25 13.5 oil outlet
Water connections thread M14x1.50


  1. this is not a journal bearing turbo

  2. Thank you for pointing that out Patrick, the post have now been corrected.

  3. So do I have to use the water hookup on the turbo or can I run straight oil

  4. Hi Caleb, you can run the turbocharger without water but because this turbo is a GT25 ball bearing turbocharger it also means there is going to be less oil going to the turbo for cooling vs a journal bearing turbocharger. If you need to only run oil it's very important that you make sure to do the proper turbo cool down period before you shut the engine off.

    This means easy driving (no boosting) the last few mils or you might want to idle for around 5min before shutting down but it depends on how hard the turbo and engine have been used.

    Garrett however says that "Water-cooling of the turbocharger's center housing has essentially eliminated the need for turbo timers or extended idling periods.".

    So even though it's not necessary to run water, if you can get some water to the turbo it would really help with the cool down especially when running a ball bearing turbocharger.

    Ways to keep the turbocharger cooler is to try and get some fresh air flow going to it and absolutely not using a turbo blanket because that will trap the heat much longer and you would fry the oil / turbo bearings.

  5. Would this be a good upgrade for the 1.4 multi air turbo dodge dart? The dart has both oil and coolant lines for the stock garrett turbo already. The stock turbo runs higher boost 20psi. Would i be able to run the same with this turbo? Any idea if it would be a direct replacement or would their have to have manifold modifications? Thanks

  6. Hi Brandon, I would say that running 7 psi with the GT2560r would give you more power than you currently have and with 20 psi boost around 300hp. If it's the Garrett GT1446 turbo that's fitted to your engine then they share the same T25 flange and the oil and water lines should also fit. But it could be a problem with enough space for the bigger turbo so you might need a manifold also.

  7. how much GT2560R price right now sir?

  8. Hello Duke, the retail price for a genuine Garrett GT2860R turbocharger is around 1000 dollars, but you can find them for around 800 dollars + shipping. Garrett changed the part number, the old part number was 466541-5001S and the new part number is now 836023-5003S but it is the same GT2560R turbocharger.

    However if you want so save some money there are chinese made GT25 turbochargers for around 200 Dollars. The only downside is they are not Dual Ball Bearing like the Garrett GT2560R. But other than that in recent years these cheap turbochargers are usually of good quality, but it is still recommended to do a balancing before use.

  9. Hi am no expert on sizing turbos but wanted to know roughly when the gt2560r would boost on a 2.2 5cyl? I know it is at the high end of the spectrum for engine sizes and worry it will choke up fast. I will be controlling the wg via n75 thanks

  10. Hello, actually with a good setup you should have full boost around 3500rpm with the GT2560R on the 2.2 liter engine, expect the turbo to start around 3000rpm and keep going to around 6000rpm. With a good tune you might be able to extend the powerband a bit more.

    But if it's more top end power you are after then you could go with the GT2860RS turbo instead, however that turbo also won't hit full boost until around 4000rpm but it will instead keep going to 7000rpm.